The chefs and imagineers at Disney’s Beach Club outdid themselves with a full size chocolate carousel display.  Four splendid horses twirl around this culinary masterpiece. The aroma of fifty pounds of dark chocolate and ten pounds of spices is intoxicating.  Nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves saturates the air, and I noticed I was leaning in closer and closer as I gazed at the delicious details.

Over two thousand gingerbread pieces construct the carousel, and the eaves are trimmed with snowflakes. Candy canes, peppermint swirls, and gumdrops decorate the frosting covered horses. 

Donald Duck

Red and white poinsettia gum paste flowers border the carousel, and miniatures of the Fab Five pose under the horses as another visual delight.  And sitting on top of the grand spectacle smiling down from a golden crown is Tinkerbell.




On the side, a fifth horse, Lulu, wears a bridle in the pastel colors of the fabulous ice cream shop Beaches ‘n’ Cream and balances a huge sundae on her back.  She also shows off the intricate craftsmanship of the chefs with a mane and tail made from white and dark chocolate spirals. 


Dale with acorns

Snow White’s Chocolate CastleChip ‘n’ Dale House

And as if the chocolate horse carousel wasn’t enough, two smaller displays spin on the other side.  One of a snow kissed chocolate castle with Snow White out in front, and the other of Chip ‘n’ Dale gathering nuts outside their own gingerbread house.  Its hard to imagine that the natural looking fall leaves, acorns, and twigs is made out of sugar, flour, and eggs.  Would anyone notice if I ate a small kernel?