Puerto Plata’s Teleferico

If anyone were to ask me what my ideal place to live would be, it would have to be a combination of beach and mountains. Luckily, Puerto Plata has both. This northern town is a mixture of resorts, clustered buildings and sugar cane fields with a skyline dominated by Pico Isabel de Torres, an enormous flat top mountain rising 793 meters above the sea.

Pico Isabel de Torres on a foggy day

This is a fun outing with spectacular views from the top and a refreshingly cooler retreat from the sticky humidity during the summer months.


View from Pico Isabel de Torres


There are two ways to get up to the tp of Pico Isabel de Torres. One is by vehicle albeit motoconcho or taxi.  I would not recommend taking your own car or rental. This is an off road situation with many free range farm animals and loose rocks that can do serious damage to the underbelly of the car. (Hence my Holy Jeep)

Traffic jam

The other way, and much more relaxing and scenic is taking the teleferico up to the top and back down again. It’s a peaceful trip (if there aren’t any ADD children in the car with you) soaring steeply over a wild jungle of palm, banana, and papaya trees.

Is he showing off or is there something I shoud know about?

A slightly smaller replica of Christ the Redeemer stands on top of a building housing small craftsman and souvenir shops and across the parking lot is a restaurant.

Christ the Redeemer blessing Mom and me

Follow the paved walkways along the edge to view the city and coastline down below  and meander through the Botanical Gardens home of giant ferns where you can imagine being in Lilliput.

Mom among the giant ferns and trees in the Botanical Gardens on top of Pico Isabel de Torres

The journey to the top and back costs around $10 and its a nice escape from the resorts and city congestion.

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