Dominican Life in Pictures

There’s always something that catches our eye, makes us laugh or shake our head when we travel.  Even better, sometimes we get the chance to snap a picture of it, so we can share and/or prove that the story we are telling is true.  Here are some of my highlights from living in the Dominican Republic.  Some made me laugh, some disgusted me, but all were part of learning the Dominican culture.

This was a light hour for traffic, but usually this main intersection in Puerto Plata would be so congested that a person could not squeeze between the cars and motorconchos. Another thing that amazed me was how many people they could fit on one motorconcho.  I’ve seen up to 6 people with two children standing in the middle.

Propane tanks, washers, and even a donkey are carried on the motorconchos.  The donkey did not look like he was having fun.

Would you go here if you had a tooth ache?

The bread man!

Farm animals have the right of way even if there’s no farm nearby.

Coconuts aplenty!

This woman is making coffee the way many villages still do today.  The coffee grounds are put in the fine meshed bag and hot water is poured over it and drips down into the can, much like our automated coffee pots.  The coffee is not filtered exceptionally well, so it’s more like drinking thick espresso.

Meat shacks without refrigeration were common, and so were the flies.

Not a sport I agree with, but cock- fighting arenas are part of their culture and are found in rural and urban areas.

Silly question, but aren’t you supposed to ride INSIDE the gondola?

My favorite billboard in Santo Domingo advertising a good time with rum.

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