Dolphin Dive with UNEXSO

The beauty of Grand Bahama Island is not on land, but under water.  Grand Bahama has been in the diving business for a long time and has pioneered some fantastic immersion opportunities.

One of the best dives offered anywhere in the world is with UNEXSO.  The Dolphin Dive takes a small group of people out into the open ocean with trained dolphins.  Only a handful of facilities around the world take their dolphins out into the open ocean.  This dive allows you plenty of contact with trained dolphins, and to see how they move around under the water.  It is not recommended to interact with wild dolphins since many of our movements can entice aggressive responses from the dolphins.

The trip begins with a boat ride from UNEXSO to the dolphin lagoon, about a mile away.  A safety talk is given by one of the dolphin trainers, then the dive boat and trainer boat head to open water followed by two dolphins.  The dolphins are free to swim between the two boats and typically like to ride the bow waves on the way out of the canal.  A few spectacular jumps to make you go oooh and aaahh, and you’re at the dive site.

Once the divers are situated on the bottom, the dolphins swim circles around the group with what looks to be little effort from their massive tails.  The dolphins also look incredibly huge up close underwater.

Trainers come down last with cylinders of fish to reinforce the dolphins.  The dolphins pose for an underwater picture, give a kiss, and spin divers around by the hand for the usual interaction behaviors.

Afterwards, the dive group gets to swim along with the dolphins.  This is indescribable.  Even though the dolphins control their speed while divers are touching them, just a flick of their tails and they were gone.  The dolphins would periodically show off by doing some cute behaviors like waving and swimming upside down before shooting to the surface to breathe.  Making eye contact with a dolphin and feeling its powerful smooth body is a moving and spiritual experience.

Visit for this dive plus other fantastic immersion opportunities!

*All pictures taken by UNEXSO Diver Scott, but remain the property of this website.


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