Horseback Riding in Healy

Christy and I drove 11 miles north of Denali’s Glitter Gulch (the “Shopping for Adventure” district) to a little town called Healy to go horseback riding.  After a brief intro and safety talk, they lined up us tourists at the stepping ramp to help us get on our horses.  The horses are big and hardy for the harsh land and weather.  We rode through marshy areas that sucked the horses down to the knee, and up a ridge meadow looking out over the Primrose Range, part of the Alaska Range.  Wildflowers were abundant, but trees were scarce.  The wide ranges were beautiful.

Funny story:  While squishing through the marsh, my horse farted and scared himself.  He tried to take off through the marsh, but only succeeded in kicking up mud onto his haunches, my back, and whoever was unlucky enough to be behind us.  Fortunately, the rest of the ride was gas free.


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