Alaskan Reflections

Living in Alaska for 3 months, I saw good days, bad days, and fabulous days!  I took advantage of the fabulous days to go out on wildlife cruises or travel through the mountains.  Here are a few pictures that I was lucky enough to capture:

On a Kenai Fjord Tour, we were on one side of the boat looking for animals, and on the other side was this shot.

Also on the Kenai Fjord tour. Notice the ice blocks floating in the water.  Still chilly!

I’m actually rowing in the boat (first oar from the right-Seat 1) for this shot, but I’m very happy someone took it! Rowing on Kenai Lake.

This picture was taken off the highway between Anchorage and Seward. It’s not always easy to pull over for a great shot like this.

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