Best Artisan Market in Mexico City


We all love local souvenirs, things that remind us of the great places we visited. Kitschy souvenirs shops are everywhere with the usual  shot glasses and cheap junk, but outside Mexico City’s Zona Historic area where most tourists hang out, there’s a beautiful artisan market called Centro Artesanal La Ciudadela where hand-made leather goods, ceramics and decorative metals and tiles can be discovered.


Leather goods, tortilla warmers, makeup bags, magnets, etc. You can find these at many shops in the City, but the quality is better here.


These metal star lights are gorgeous! There is a door you can open to insert a light bulb and hang from the pool deck or anywhere you want a little pizzazz. If shipping is a problem, there are various websites where you can order them from.


I love the decorative metal and tile work on mirrors, so I bought a few! They had so many different varieties, square, rectangular, round, big, small, etc.  For me, the size came down to the space in my suitcase.


Mexican serving pieces

Ceramics were the main reason we visited this Artisan Market.  Tom and I are into food photography and needed more textures and colors for our backgrounds. We stocked up on as many plates and serving pieces as we could pack in our carry-on.


Some of the many designs we acquired.

Located a few blocks south of Paseo de La Reforma, between the Metro Juarez and Metro Balderas on Calle de Balderas, on the corner of Calle de Balderas and Emilio Donde, the artisan market encompasses almost an entire city block.

If you want something truly Mexican, this is the place to go.




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