Asian Honeymoon/Birthday Trip Is On! Part 1

If you read Planning our Asia Honeymoon Part I, you will remember that we were having a hard time narrowing down the cities we wanted to see in the allotted American vacation time. Honestly, we needed at least 2 months to do it right, but Corporate America seems to frown upon extended vacation time. So we mulled it over, shelved it, gathered some details, and saved up hotel points and miles. My husband, Tom has a milestone birthday coming up. So I asked him, “Where do you want to go for your birthday? For a few months, we had planned on Peru, but as always, the trip went from a week, to 10 days, to 2 weeks. “If we’re going to spend 2 weeks somewhere, why don’t we just go to Asia?” And so our Honeymoon trip has been recreated as Part 1: Birthday trip. (Part 2 is in the planning stages already!)

We did have to narrow down the choices immensely. I told him to pick 3 places, and let’s see what we could do. He is a die-hard foodie, and I knew we’d have great food no matter where we went, but the choice was his. The top 3 that won the spots were Seoul, South Korea, Penang, Malysia and Singapore.

Changdeokgung (Palace)
Changdeokgung (Palace)

Travel time was was going to eat up a lot of our time. Planning the flights to reduce the amount of daytime we would miss out on, also meant that we’d be sacrificing sleep. But we’ll make it work. Because of the distance, time and time change, I was able to stretch my vacation time to 3 weeks. We are using Delta Skymiles points for our flights from Orlando to Seoul, and then Seoul to Singapore. Starwood points are being cashed in for these cities as well, so the major costs were all covered with points and miles. We found a deal for 2 round trip tickets from Singapore to Penang plus hotel stay for 6 days for under $500. So all the major stuff is taken care of, and now we could concentrate on what to do in each city.

Next we have to figure out what to pack. It’s going to be cold in Seoul, but hot in Penang and Singapore. How many bags should we bring? What are the weight limits? How many of our clothes can we repeat?  This has been an ongoing argument.

Luckily, we didn’t need visas for any of our destinations, however, AirAsia messed up on our birth dates, and we have been trying to get it fixed with them for 2 months. There isn’t a live person that can be reached, and after submitting the email form multiple times, we are just going to take our chances.

Lots of adventures will be coming! We have a private food tour with food blogger/entrepreneur Daniel Gray from, a sunset celebration with world-renowned chefs at the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore, and plenty of food to eat along the way!

Air Asia
Air Asia


Stay tuned!


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