Where the Chefs of Copenhagen Go: Baest

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. That doughy goodness topped with cheese and other flavors is what we all know wherever we go in the world, and it’s what we all love. World-renowned chefs are no different. After carefully preparing and delegating artistic responsibilities across the finest kitchens, sometimes they just want to unwind with a glass of wine and a pizza.


We asked our servers and chefs at a few of the top restaurants in Copenhagen, and on everyone’s list was Baest (pronounced “best”or “baste” depending on who you talked to). The restaurant is cramped and noisy, but the chaos is somehow welcoming. The menu is short and sweet offering local charcuterie, cheese, organics and pizza, but also offering tasting menus on food and wine for those that want to leave it in the chef’s hands as to what to serve.

After having so many multi-course meals on this trip, we decided to go with the familiar and just order pizza. We aren’t the typical Americans who have to visit every McDonald’s and Starbucks on foreign soil, but sometimes one course is just as awesome as twenty.

Baest Pizza

We tried two pizzas, one with ramson (greens), sheep’s milk feta, and pork cracklings sprinkled all over, and our staple, tomato, basil, and Baest housemade mozzarella, your basic margherita pizza. We read a long time ago that someone was traveling the USA trying to find the best pizza, so now when we go to any pizza joint around the world, we always get the margherita pizza to compare.

Both pizzas were phenomenal not just because of the toppings, but because of how they were baked in a wood fired oven at high temperatures. The best pizza crust flavor comes from wood and brick fired ovens. The crust airy but firm and not too crunchy. The toppings showcased the care and flavors of each individual ingredient. I would definitely recommend Baest, and who knows? You may see one of your previous chefs dining across the restaurant from you, like we saw one from Relae. And if you have a chance, try Mirabella, the bakery next store. The Danish know how to make bread! Enjoy!

Location, hours and reservations for Baest can be made by clicking here.

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