Restaurant Review: The Perfect Neighborhood Burger Bar

Growing up in the 80s, one of my favorite TV shows was Cheers, where “everybody knows your name”. Moving around as much as I have, and with the constant desire to travel, that kind of place was always reserved for TV escapism.

But on a trip to Montreal where we arrived mid-afternoon famished with dinner reservations still 3 hours away, a little awning caught our eye in the midst of expensive, ethnic restaurants on Crescent Street. We decided Burger Bar had just the right portions and offered gourmet meats and poutine, a perfect snack to tide us over until dinner. What we discovered was more than a menu could ever offer.

We sat at the bar and ordered some Canadian beers. Tom had the bison burger and I ordered the Jack Daniel’s pulled pork poutine. For my first poutine, I probably should have had the original poutine, but I love Jack Daniel’s sauce, so I went with the fancier one. Meat lovers, the bison burger practically melted in my mouth, and the poutine was the perfect comfort food: meat, cheese and fries.

Burger Bar was very modern with a picturesque balcony off the bar. We chatted with the bartender and waitresses about Montreal, restaurants, and the city’s people. Two men next to us joined in the conversation. It turns out they were the owners of Burger Bar. What might have been an hour late-lunch, turned into a two hour discussion of all things to see and eat in Montreal.

It’s very rare that we eat at a place twice no matter how great it is, but the next day, we had to share our first night dining experience with our new Burger Bar friends. We walked in and they instantly recognized us. They wanted to hear all about our dinner at Au Pied de Cochon.

So they poured us a few beers, put our order in, and the story-telling began. And what made it even better? It began to snow outside. We had our first snow among new friends and exceptional food.

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