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I had the idea of starting my own travel website a good year before I created it. After I left the Dominican Republic, I wanted to write about my experience living and working on the island.  I tried researching other blogs, reviews, and magazine articles to see if their experiences were similar to mine, but discovered very little.  Many articles were do this and that, and the blogs I read were skimpy on details.  I thought I had something special, but would anyone want to read it?

I know I’ve had some unique adventures especially since I had such an unusual job, but because I didn’t live there anymore, I was worried about running out of writing material.  Then a scathingly brilliant idea came to me…expand it to include the fine points of travel.  These would include destination highlights and local culture (what the locals do).

The Good Travel Life is constantly evolving as I explore new destinations, search out new gems in places revisited, and make my travel wish list for the upcoming year.  I only write about what I know and where I’ve been. Photography is one of my passions, and most of the photos on my website are mine unless otherwise noted.

So what was my unusual job? I was an animal trainer fro 13 years, and lived in the Dominican Republic and Bahamas. I love traveling to places to observe wildlife, but since I got married, the focus has been more on foodie adventures.


With the Dogs in the Bahamas
With the Dogs in the Bahamas

If you are interested in my writings, have questions, or want more information, please feel free to contact me directly by email at  tiffany.thegoodtravellife@gmail.com.

To all my readers, happy travels!  The world is yours to explore!


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