About Tiffany

Why Did I Start the Good Travel Life?

The Good Travel Life was conceived a good year before I created it. My unusual career has led to unique experiences and destinations. My original idea was to chronicle my life and experiences while living in the Caribbean, and eventually create a book. Along the way, I met my husband, who opened my eyes to the world of food.

What was my unusual career? I was an animal trainer for 13 years, living in the United States, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Wildlife and photography have always been passion of mine. My husband worked in the wine industry, and introduced me to molecular gastronomy and 22 course dinners. Surprisingly, I’ve only gained 5 pounds since we started dating years ago.

What’s Next for The Good Travel Life?

The book idea has been shelved for now. The Good Travel Life is constantly evolving. More than just do this or that, I hope you find the posts informative and entertaining. Travel is a passion for both of us, and we are in the midst of planning our biggest adventure yet! Stay tuned for 2018…

If you are interested in my writings, have questions, or want more information, please feel free to contact me directly by email at  tiffany.thegoodtravellife@gmail.com.

To all my readers, happy travels!  The world is yours to explore!


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