Aldea in Playa del Carmen

Experiencing local cuisine is usually at the top of a traveler’s list. How do the locals prepare a familiar or unfamiliar dish? How is it different from my favorite ethnic restaurant back home? What’s special about this particular cuisine in this particular region?

Playa del Carmen is known for its party places like Carlos ‘n” Charlies, Senor Frogs and the numerous tequila and beer hot spots on 5th Ave, but we were looking for authentic Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price, not Tex-Mex at tourist prices.

Aldea Restaurant

Next to the Tequila Museum on 5th Ave, we found this wonderful inconspicuous place called Aldea Corazon. Aldea Corazon translates as village heart or heart of the village. We were impressed with the menu, prices were reasonable, and the place looked nice from the outside. Inside, the restaurant extended past the covered, open air dining and bar area out to a tree shaded, multi-level terrace with a small cenote at the bottom of the hill. Tiki torches provide romantic mood lighting in this jungle oasis.

Aldea back patio area

(Unfortunately, it was raining the day we went.)


Mango margarita
Mango margarita


The service was impeccable, even bringing a purse hanger to the table for my bag and the umbrellas. The margaritas were colossal, and the food was outstanding. Here’s just a few pictures of what we ordered, but at the bottom is a link to their website and more foodie images!


Shrimp tempura on jicama tortillas with a tamarind sauce. I could have eaten these all day!

4 blue tortilla skirt steak tacos with cilantro (coriander), onions, and guacamole on the side.


Pork knuckle cooked in a special marinade. The meat practically melted in my mouth. Very savory.


Poblano chile stuffed with vegetables, banana and morita chile sauce with a touch of guajillo and fresh cheese on top. Perfect for vegetarians. The bananas give it a sweetness, and very filling.

Aldea Corazon may be in the heart of the tourist district in Playa del Carmen, but it serves authentic Mexican cuisine at affordable prices.

Visit Restaurant Aldea Corazon website to see more mouth-watering dishes!


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