Practicing Firework Photography

Fireworks are the ultimate celebration extravaganza and also one of the hardest things to photograph. Luckily, living around theme parks allows me the chance to practice any day of the year. Starting off is

Row on Bear Lake

  When I was a child, I loved watching the Olympics, and I was extremely fascinated with rowing.  I was mesmerized by the teamwork, synchronization and almost silent gliding of the rowers.  I was never

10 Fun Things To Do in Seward, Alaska

If there’s one town that embodies all that Alaska has to offer, it’s Seward. Framed by the Kenai Mountains on one side and Resurrection Bay on the other, Seward is a picturesque base camp

Top 7 Things To Do In Homer, Alaska

Enjoy Homer, affectionately known as, “the quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.”

Glacier Cruise From Whittier

  An hour and a half form Anchorage, or a two hour drive from Seward is the small coastal town of Whittier on Prince William Sound.  The only way to reach Whittier is through

Horseback Riding in Healy

Funny haha moment Horseback riding in Healy!

8 Hour Tour of Denali National Park, Alaska

You'll never get a chance to see all of Denali, but the longer you can spend there, the better chance you will see amazing landscapes and wildlife.

Nobu Polanco

At 7,300 ft. elevation, surrounded by mountains and almost dead center in the heart of Mexico, sometimes you just want sushi.

Best Artisan Market in Mexico City

We all love local souvenirs, things that remind us of the great places we visited. Kitschy souvenirs shops are everywhere with the usual  shot glasses and cheap junk, but outside Mexico City’s Zona Historic area

Making Huaraches in Mexico City

Huaraches are an original creation of Mexico City. A huarache is a masa ball flattened and oblong shaped, topped with almost anything you can imagine, but usually mashed beans, onions, potatoes, meat, different salsas and